Matlab - can't get it to locate an compilers on my PC

I am trying to test out the MatLab Compiler function but when I run the mbuild -setup command it says there are no installed compilers.

I have Visual Studio Pro 2008 installed and have just downlowded and installed the free Visual Studio Express C++ 2010 but I still can not get the MatLab to return any compilers - it just returns 0 no compilers found.

I even put a path to the VS C compiler in the environment variables on the PC (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin) but again this didn't solve the problem.

I'm running out of ideas so any help is really appreciated

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yuk99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
MATLAB Compiler supports VS2010 only from version 2010b:

You might still be lucky with VS2008 though.

Here is supported compilers for MATLAB 2010a on 64-bit Windows:

Have you followed notes 2 and 3?
What is your MATLAB version? Type "very" if you aren't sure.

When you open documentation for MATLAB Compiler you can find list of supported compilers. Are yours in this list (exact vertions)?
Sorry, "ver" , not very. It's my android.
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wobbledAuthor Commented:

The version is:

MATLAB Version (R2010a)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP x64 Version 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 2)

I am using compilers that are on the list (basically the microsoft Visual studio ones)

I am currently downloading the SDK for windows to see if this helps.  

wobbledAuthor Commented:
The SDK download didn't make any difference and reinstalling VS2010 again didn't bring up a list of Compilers

see below:

Please choose your compiler for building standalone MATLAB applications:
Would you like mbuild to locate installed compilers [y]/n? y
Select a compiler:
[0] None
wobbledAuthor Commented:
Your answer is correct and for most people this will fix there issues, though in this case I had to manually move DLL files into the correct folders etc as for whatever reasons it was just not doing this when running the installations


I've been following this strained I've performed all of the steps and installs highlighted above...i think I may be at the same place you arrived....

Could you tell me which DLL.s you moved and where?

Here's my system info
MATLAB Version (R2010a)
Windows 7 x64
VS 2008 Express and VS 2010 Express

SDK and the 2010a patch for VS 2010 have been installed with no avail.

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