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Dear Expert,

I get Java Applet running in my Firefox, and I also get all class file from the site approval,
In the applet application on PC's firefox, I need to click one button in applet area  to send out request to the server and the request path is always changed(Checked by Charlies' http proxy) , I think it is for security issue or other issue I don't know.
If i know the exact file path name with its change that will help me a lot of to do file download automation.
Now can I know  what is click function in java applet if I have all its class file ?
The reququest: http:/
Where t and d variable is always changing with Date() and Time()

Any I try the NetBeans IDE that does nothing to me.

In Eclicps, I am I trying to download the software now, Is it helping me ?

Any Good Java Applet Monitor software avaiable  to trace all Java Applet action in Broswer ?

Please advise

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duncanb7Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Jad is usefule and that is impossible to read all code since too many, I think even I get all Java code but I can not run it because
I guess I need to input all login and password information and all cookies in order to run the Java Applet application in IE.
Now I try to use curl to set cookie in php to see how it works , but it fail

 Could ask read this thread,
CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try decompiling the classes with JAD
If you post the actual url, we could take a look
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duncanb7Author Commented:
As again, the site is need a login and password sorry about that.

a.class file is read in NetBeans, but I got nothing to do on it.

What is JAD different from NetBeans and Eclips ?
duncanb7Author Commented:
Now I know it.

When Using NetBean it is shown a.class file as this stop() , every finction  has throw statement and
no any operation code inside.

 public void stop() {
        //compiled code
        throw new RuntimeException("Compiled Code");

When runing with Jad.exe, it generate a.jad that has a lot of operation code inside.
So a.jad is same as a.jave and can be run at java.exe ?

What I do next , import it into Eclipse or NetBean to debugg and run it again ?

Right ?

>>So a.jad is same as a.jave and can be run at java.exe ?

The objective of JAD is to decompile class files into readable source. This doesn't necessarily produce code that can be recompiled
duncanb7Author Commented:
Any suggestion ?
What happened?
duncanb7Author Commented:
it works and finally I open the java code.
But it is still not working, so giving up this task

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