image processing Re

Please , I need help on image processing programming. To Read the refferance no. and the signatures of images for confirmation by C or C++
if possible to provide me the code with calrification
1. Recognize the signature .
2. Recognize the Refferance No. and pass it for validation
( such as check, offical document ...)

Many Thanks in advanced
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EE doesn't offer to do projects or assignments.
We can only help, if you have any difficulty in understanding of the concept, compilation of code or finalizing the logic.

So, please study the subject thoroughly and then attempt the implementation.
You can refer this book:
Also, here is a worked example:

Here is a link to the source code of a open source project on Image Processing:

Image Processing is a complex subject and lot of research has gone into this,
for last several decades. So, lots of material are availble.
But, you will have to study them and understand the basic concepts well.
Then only, you will be able to understand any implementation or implement it yourself.
malek_engAuthor Commented:
Dear ssnkumar,

Thanks for you reply, however, am having a project where i have to compare between the signature in the Cheack and the signature saved in the bank system.

I need to deliver this project ASAP.

malek_engAuthor Commented:
As I need to find the solution , as they provide documents which need long time , my Teacher in university change project to somthing i able to do it
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