Exchange 2010 Installation

I an installing Exchange 2010 in an Exchange 2003/2007 environemt. We are planning to remove all Exchange 2003 servers and upgrade Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 once the intial installation is completd.

On instalaltion we are geeting this message:

The following error was generated when "$error.Clear(); Write-ExchangeSetupLog -Info "Set the default Accepted domain from the default recipient policy"; $defaultEmailAddressPolicy = get-EmailAddressPolicy -Identity:"Default Policy"; $defaultSmtpTemplate = $defaultEmailAddressPolicy.EnabledPrimarySMTPAddressTemplate; $index = $defaultSmtpTemplate.IndexOf("@"); $eapAuthoritativeDomain = $defaultSmtpTemplate.Substring($index+1); $defaultDomain = get-accepteddomain | where {$_.DomainName -eq $eapAuthoritativeDomain }; $defaultDomain | set-accepteddomain -MakeDefault:$true; Write-ExchangeSetupLog -Info "Default domain $defaultDomain";" was run: "You must provide a value for this property. Property Name: Priority".

You must provide a value for this property. Property Name: Priority

I can not find this value in Active Directory. I know this is happening when the /prepareAD is running during installation. How can I set a value for this ?
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ckeshavSr. Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
where are you getting this error?
During installation?---what stage?
Go to Exchange 2007
Open EMS and do:


Make sure they all have priorities, you may need to move the "default policy" to exchange 2007 so it isn't a legacy policy anymore, but try set a priority for it first

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Don't upgrade any email policies until your last EXCHANGE 2003 server has been removed or you plan to not create anymore Exchange 2003 mail enabled objects.
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davidwrighttrbAuthor Commented:
After thinking about the error again and again. I did go to the Exchange 2007 server and Upgraded recipient policies created in Exchange 2003. I ran:

Set-EmailAddressPolicy “Default Policy” -IncludedRecipients AllRecipients

I did this for all recipient policies created in Exchange 2003. This did the trick.
davidwrighttrbAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all that responded.
Thanks for the points
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