Exchange 2007 Relay redundancy

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I have an exchange 2007 server running smoothly. I'd like to setup an additional 'relay server' externally - ideally if my main server goes offline - e-mails will be sent to my secondary server if the first cannot be contacted and then when the main server is back online the secondary server will 'relay' all those messages back to the main server. That way we dont lose any e-mails.

What is the best way to do this?
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ckeshavConnect With a Mentor Sr. Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
You can add one more Relay server and add a secondary MX record with more cost to point to the secondary relay server. You need to do the entry in your ISP's DNS records.
You need to setup a store and forward service with your ISP to forward them to yourself and have them set as a secondary MX record. Your ISP will know what you mean if you call them.
Most of the ISP's with whom you registered the MX provides this option .  they will temporarily store the mails and release once your systems are back.

if you are usiong any third party as you r gateway, you can consutlt with them as well.

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