How to effectively use infopath views? (2007)

Hi :)

I have a form with 2 views... the first view has the "core" questions/choices I need filled out for my form.

The 2nd view has some comment / status options for reviewers/approvers to use.

I only want to show the 2nd view when someone goes to edit an existing form.  The 1st view should always show when it's a fresh form being filled out for the first time.

I'm using infopath2007... any ideas?   It seems like i should put logic somewhere that says "if a field already has a value when the form is opened, show the 2nd view" ...  but i dont see how to do that :(

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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
yah this is straightforward.  an existing form is typically easy to detect since it will have certain data values. like you said a field would have a value when a new form would not when it was first opened.
in form options you can set rules for "on open". these execute only when a form is first opened.
So add a open rule with a condition that field in not blank or whatever your check is, and then the action would be switch views to view2.

have done this many times.
runelynxAuthor Commented:
Whoohoo! Perfect!

thanks!  And dont go anywhere, Ill need more of your expertise in the coming weeks Im sure :) Already have learned a lot just from this one form...  fun stuff!!
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