Connecting VMs to SQL

I have several VMs on my computer which I want to connect to the SQL installed on my laptop.  Is that possible?  my computer is joined to my company's domain, but the VMs are not.  The issues I am experiencing appear to be related to authentication.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
if the VM/SQL is not joined to the domain, you HAVE to create and use a SQL login that is NOT based on windows authentication.
explanation: the VM /Windows cannot "check" your domain windows account (as it's not joined to the domain)

so: create in the SQL Server Security a non-windows based login (with password), and use that for the login.
Is the VMs instance of SQL Server are exposed to public using a static IP?

If Yes, You can connect to that instance using SQL Server authentication.

Another option is, You need to tunnel your VMs to your company's domain using VPN and then you can connect.
The VM's are on your network right?
red_75116Author Commented:
No, my laptop is on my network joined to the domain and the VMs are not.  I supposed another option would be to have a VM that is only sql and let the other VMs connect to that.
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