Opening Outlook 2003 with a specified .pst

We are not using exchange, but using Outlook 2003 as a pop3 client.  We also are using TrueCrypt and storing the outlook pst file in an encrypted drive.  The problem I'm having is that some users forget to open their encrypted truecrypt drive before opening outlook.  When this happens outlook creates a new clean pst in an unencrypted area.  I would like to use a switch (or anything) that tells Outlook 2003 to always open with a specified pst file.  This specified pst file would be the one I have created in the encrypted area.  Any ideas?
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TheGorbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would think the only way would be to have users start Outlook by running a script instead, which would first check to make sure it can find the PST before it launches Outlook for the user.

I could write a quick script in AutoIT ( that would do just that, it would be compiled into and EXE and could even have the same icon as Outlook. If you're interested in that solution let me know.
I looked through the outlook 2003 switches and I do not see anything.
tparrettAuthor Commented:
I'm accepting this respone because it sent me down the path of doing this myself with batch file.  Did some other research and found that I could start outlook from a batch file with the simple command of

start outlook.exe

wrote this in a batch file.  Stored the batch file on the encrypted drive and then created a shortcut to it.  Thanks for the assistance.
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