SBS 2003 Server move to new warehouse


Can anyone guide me through the different options for the following situation:

My customer has bought a new warehouse 500 meters from their office.
Technical staff (3) will sit in the new warehouse.

The server will move from the office to the new warehouse.
I'm looking to find the best solution in order to insure fast response time - access to files.

Server hosts Active Directory, File and Print
No Mail, no Internet.

Thanks for your feedback
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Fiber is not THAT expensive.  You can start off with a 100 Mbit Fiber transceiver to connect to the copper network which would be cheap and still provide very good throughput.  I would expect the whole thing to go in for $2500-$5000 on the high end.  Multiple high-speed internet connections, depending on your location:
*wouldn't be as fast
*could cost $150+/month or more
*would still require decent VPN hardware at both ends that could run $500-1000+.

Fiber cabling would cost $1500-2000 + labor (generally specialized and potentially expensive)
May require monthly fees if strung between telephone polls or potentially be free if the building could be reached through undergroud cabling or private above ground polls you could setup.
Is MUCH faster
Is Upgradable

Do the math - determine how long you'll be in both places and budget out the costs of each and don't forget to factor in lost productivity for the site that doesn't have the server (if you don't use fiber).
scstechteamAuthor Commented:
I must add that HQ users will need to connect to the server (file and print, AD) over the internet.
scstechteamAuthor Commented:
Is there noone with some thought concerning this situation?

I was thinking in the line of hardware VPN?

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Hardware VPN is the way to go, however why move the SBS server if the HQ is where all the users are? Are the technical staff incapable of walking a half-kilometer in the rare event something requires a physical presence?

I would leave the SBS where it is, move the Tech staff, and create a firewall-to-firewall site-to-site VPN
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Depending on the environment (geographic), I would strongly consider putting in a fiber link between the two buildings to ensure the speed between the two sites was appropriate.
I was thinking of a direct fiber connection, but I can't see it being cost-effective myself. Your mileage may vary, thiugh.
run fiber, is there a walkway between buildings you could pipe the fiber?  Run several strans for future use.   Internet would be slower
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