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VPN or Cloud Storage

Have a client who has a simple NAS at their office.  They are opening a new office.  The have DD-WRT routers (micro only due to the brand and model) so no OpenVPN built-in or EoIP.  So, I am trying to decide if I should choose to move their files to a Cloud solution (simple, like SkyDrive or ADrive).  OR.... do I replace the routers with something more robust?

What are your thoughts?
2 Solutions
I would upgrade to a router with VPN or put a VPN solution in place.

Main reason is when in the office file access will be much faster and more stable.
Cloud storage really depends on how fast their Internet connections are, file types, file sizes etc. If you've got fast Internet and the files are small then cloud storage may be fine. Another issue with cloud storage is, how do they manage if their Internet connection is down? To some extent, a VPN suffers the same issue but, that only affect the remote user, not the 'head office'.

Me personally, prefers a good VPN terminating firewall and VPN client software. The firewall doesn't have to be expensive (by expensive I mean >£1000) - Dreytec Vigors are good value as are the Netgear Prosafes. And, if the Internet does go down, head office staff still have access to the data.
hydraziAuthor Commented:
They are a small company and I think OpenVPN with DD-WRT is going to be what we go with.  Works awesome at other offices, just didn't want to have to replace the router.  Oh well.

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