How to interpret JSON data using

   "category": "Product/service",
   "likes": 1880909,
   "website": "",
   "username": "platform",
   "founded": "May 2007",
   "company_overview": "Facebook Platform enables anyone to build social applications on Facebook and the web.",
   "mission": "To make the web more open and social."

Now my question is, how to i parse and use these data to be used in my server script (i'm using

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Dim strFacebookURL As String = "{0}"

        Dim strUserid As String = "19292868552"

        'Reconstruct the URL
        Dim strFormattedUri As String = String.Format(strFacebookURL, strUserid)

        Dim webRequest As HttpWebRequest = GetWebRequest(strFormattedUri)

        Dim response As HttpWebResponse = webRequest.GetResponse()

        Dim strJSONResponse As String = String.Empty

        Using sr As New StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream)
            strJSONResponse = sr.ReadToEnd
        End Using

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Dim jsonText As String = "[""Europe"", ""Asia"", ""Australia"", ""Antarctica""," & vbCr & vbLf & " ""North America"", ""South America"", ""Africa""]"

Dim continents As String() = DirectCast(JsonConvert.Import(GetType(String()), jsonText), String())
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tangteng78Author Commented:
Hi MlandaT,
I'm stuck on the c sharp code here (since i'm on

string jsonText = @"[""Europe"", ""Asia"", ""Australia"", ""Antarctica"",
 ""North America"", ""South America"", ""Africa""]";

What's the equivalent of the code above in Any help would be greatly appreciated.

tangteng78Author Commented:
And the equivalent of this line of code as well in

string[] continents = (string[]) JsonConvert.Import(typeof(string[]),


Again, any help is greatly appreciated.
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