please can someone advise on a really powerful access point for use in a hotel

I have a hotel with around 15 access points, i am currently using netgear WG102s which are reliable but could be more powerful

can someone please help me and point out an extremely powerful access point?

it needs to be a b/g point, and poe would be a bonus!

for use in a hotel in the uk

many thanks
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I've had very good results with ValuePoint hardware, an example is here:

Keep in mind that the client's radio has to get the signal back to the AP, so just because they can receive doesn't necessarily mean they can transmit back.  These work best as a bridge pair over miles with a directional (yagi) antenna but also make a fine access point with one of their own omni-directional antennas.  Expect to spend $500-$1200 for their best.
While a little expensive, I've installed Proxim AP700's in hotel environments with great success.  They are capable of POE.
I have a hotel with around 15 access points, i am currently using netgear WG102s which are reliable but could be more powerful

Powerful has nothing to do with it; what is it that you are trying to accomplish. The more important question is, why do you think you need a more "powerful" access point?

There are many requirements needed before a solid solution can be given. Whether or not cost is a factor, if you are selling services via the wifi for your hotel guests, then spend the extra money to get solid access points that will operate in a hotel environment. If you are providing free services, then it is not cost effective as there is no ROI and justification to spend the money for high end access points. With that being said, with proper design you can have a relatively inexpensive, stable and effcient wireless network. As already pointed out, just because you have a high power access point does not mean you will have a solid wireless system, nor does a high powered wireless client, there is much more vairables to take into consideration: SNR, Fade Margin, RSL, Attenuation, interference, etc.

Check out:

These APs are meant for a Hospitality environment as the application has many features and the system is very cost effective.

Good Luck
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