Error with event 2087

I'm getting this error and I'm not sure what it means and what is causing it. The "Failing DNS Host Name" looks strange...not sure if it's invalid and can be deleted from DNS..?? Wondering if doing so will stop this error.

Log: Directory Service
Type: Error
Event: 2087
Agent Time: 2011-05-03 03:07:23Z
Event Time: 02:03:43 AM 3-May-2011 UTC
Source: NTDS Replication
Category: DS RPC Client
Computer: CLEONA-DC
Description: Active Directory could not resolve the following DNS host name of the source domain controller to an IP address. This error prevents additions, deletions and changes in Active Directory from replicating between one or more domain controllers in the forest. Security groups, group policy, users and computers and their passwords will be inconsistent between domain controllers until this error is resolved, potentially affecting logon authentication and access to network resources.

Source domain controller:


Failing DNS host name:

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Michael KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you read here? 

also you need to provide the OS version. 2k3 or 2k8?
TJESIOLOWSKIAuthor Commented:
ok thanks.. I've run my tests and it says something about "Dynamic update is enabled on the zone but not secured". How can I fix this and will it make the error go away?
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