Outlook URL protocol error

Within our project folders we have an Outlook shortcut which starts Outlook and goes to the relevant Contact folder on the Exchange Server.

The shorctut has the format outlook:\\Public Folders\All Public Folders\2285 contacts

These shortcuts have been working perfectly OK with Windows XP.

We are now starting to rollout Windows 7 and are getting the following error message when using the shortcuts.

Unable to open the Internet shortcut. The protocol "Outlook" does not have a registered program.

How do I go about registering Outlook to this type of shortcut?
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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, macuma.

Outlook 2007 doesn't automatically install the URL protocol handler for Outlook items.  You have to edit the registry and add an entry.  Here's a link to a page with details:

macumaAuthor Commented:
I have edited the registry as follows rebooted the machine but still no luck

@="URL:Outlook Folders"
"URL Protocol"="\"\""




@="\"C:\\PROGRA~1\\MICROS~2\\OFFICE12\\OUTLOOK.EXE\" /select \"%1\""
macumaAuthor Commented:
Sorry misread solution. Correct regedit is:-

"URL Protocol"=""
@="URL:Outlook Folders"




@="\"C:\\PROGRA~1\\MICROSOFT OFFICE\\OFFICE12\\OUTLOOK.EXE\" /select \"%1\""
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