Dynamics GP - Manufacturing Order Variance Window

Can someone tell me what sql table the mo variance window info is stored in?  I'm looking for the table that stores the production costs that are on the variance window.  Thank you
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It gets calculated upon opening the MO Variance form, and stored in a temporary table.
jnikodymAuthor Commented:
I've tried that.  It is not giving me the table names.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Not a Dynamics expert, but here is a SQL method that may work.  If you know of a report or form that queries the tables you are looking for, then (1) launch SQL profiler on your SQL server and then (2) open the report or form.  (3) stop the trace and look for the query that executed on the server -- you will have the details of the table(s) or view(s) involved.  That may help you find it.  However, the simplest way is usually the Entity Relationship Diagram (Schema) provided in documentation if exists.  With it being Microsoft, I suspect there is some documentation somewhere, especially given the link above eludes to this being retrieved off of a menu or through SDK.
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