Recoving lost excel and word files

I have a user on my network with a laptop and their my docs redirected to a network share on our server.  Yesterday their AD acct was accidentially deleted from the network.  After recreating their acct they logged into the laptop and of course are working under a NEW profile on this laptop at this point.  Their old profile is still on the laptop and completely intact as it was prior to the acct removal and recreation process.  The contents of their original profile were copied over to the new profile to retain some docs on their desktop as well as other settings on the laptop.

At this point there are some documents (word and excel) that they are now unable to locate.  The documents are in the network share where the My Docs folder was pointed to but they are about 3 months old.  These documents were updated on a daily basis so they are not current copies.  The normal method for them to access these documents was to open word or excel and click on the file listed in the recent documents section of either program.  It appears as though windows or word and excel was saving a local cached copy on their laptop and has since lost this copy after the acct was removed.  When i search for the docs on their laptop i find a shortcut to it in the recent folders of MS office, this shortcut is pointing to the network share with the older docs inside of it.  I'm at a loss as to why these documents were not updated on the network and / or how to recover from the laptop as the data on this laptop was not altered in any way.

Please provide any thoughts or ideas you may have as well as any software which could scan the drive for these files.

The laptop OS is Windows 7 Professional.  MS office is 2007 professional.

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There are some recovery solutions that may allow you to "Undelete" what is on the server. Where there any backups going on? Did the user have Synchronization turned on? Perhaps copies of those same files still exist in the old profile. The data is probably flagged deleted and perhaps can be retrieved. I hope though that you have a chance to perform full backups of your data so this doesn't happen to you again :)

Check the offiline file cache, just in case. Refer to and also
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