Outlook Certificate Mismatch Exchange 2007 SBS 2008

Have this same thing at two sites now.

Any users that try to use Outlook 2007 to connect to Exchange 2007 say that the certificate. does not match. Error message lists mail.contoso.com
View ceritficate lists Server3.mydomain.local
These clients are all inside.
1 mobile user is also having issues (older Windows phone), others are fine (iPhone) (may not be related, but every bit of info helps)
Default receive connector has a FQDN of Server3.mydomain.local.  
Multiple connectors have been configured.
So why would it be going to a connector that "is outside" ?
Or am I looking in the wrong location?
Where do I find the certs in IIS manager for the web site. and which web site handles the clients? Exchange?
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bobnlaAuthor Commented:
It helped, but ultimately simply told me the certs were way messedup.
Solved it byinstalling a thirdparty cert.
Problems went away.
IIS showed a self signed with two of the same type of cert.
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