Symantec System Recovery 2010 & Windows 7 licensing issue

Hi, i have been flashing sae hardware computers for a while now with windows 7 on them and had no issue with licensing so far. (32bit win7)

I configure one computer that comes with the Win7 32bit preinstalled, image it and then paste the image to the other computers and they keep the "activated" status just fine. But now, with the release of SP1, the ones i have been buying dont yet have win7sp1 preinstalled, so I downloaded the Windows 7 pro 64bit (x64 to take advantage of the extra ram installed) from the microsoft licensing webpage. Installed it, configured it, activated it using the serial the machine comes with, it activates successfully, no problem there.

Then i image that computer, and paste the image to the other exact computer and when i log in, its not retaining the licensing like before. I get the 3days left until activation and makes me activate by phone, or retype another key. if i put another key, it works fine. but i want to avoid doing that. i want it to be like before.

what am i missing with this new setup im doing? (sp1 + x64 iso)
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ComptxConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
no i am not using the restore anywhere, since they are identical computers.

however i figured it out. after restoring one of them, it tells you it needs to activate, but using the phone system. after i activate it with that, and re-image that computer, the other ones stay activated when i paste the phone activated image it over them!
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Are you restoring using the restore anywhere feature? If so this is normal as it wipes the hal and windows will want to see the license key again on "new hardware"  If not then it should retain all the settings unless it's different enough where it sees that hardware has changed again.
ComptxAuthor Commented:
resolved myself
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