DNS and CNAME Records

I want to add a CNAME record to my internal DNS but unsure it is will cause a problem.

Current CNAME record for my company website is

www.mycompany.com which points to a server host.website.com

I want to add ----

mycompany.com pointint to same server host.website.com

My question is the mycompany portion is the name of the ZONE as well and I was not sure if this would cause a problem when setting this CNAME up.
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Bear in mind that if mycompany.com is an Active Directory domain, there are already (or should be, anyway) blank host records in the corresponding zone that point to your domain controllers, and creating another one that points to something other than a DC can have negative consequences.
Yes, mycompany.com will be the name of the zone. Then you just add a CNAME record leave the first line blank because you want the root zone name to point to the new address. This will not cause a problem unless you have other DNS records such as mail.mycompany.com or www.mycompany.com. In which case you then have to set up all of thier respected DNS entries also for your internal addresses, including MX records for mail servers.
Scratch that, you probably don't need to setup MX records, just A records and CNAME records. It will look something like this:

Forward Lookup Zone: mycompany.com
NAME:                               Type:                      DATA:
(same as parent folder)    CNAME                   host.website.com
www                                CNAME                   host.website.com
mail                                    A                            192.168.X.X

Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

> (same as parent folder)    CNAME                   host.website.com

Cannot be a CNAME.

Violates RFCs, and the vast majority of DNS servers simply will not permit it.

It must be a Host (A) record and therefore must use an IP address.

Yes, actually that is true you will need to get the IP address of host.website.com and use an A record.
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