Zipped File on Outlook - Urgent


We have Maxcompression enabled in Outlook ( we use Outlook 2003 on Office XP).

The compression software is supposed to zip any attachment when teh mail is being sent and then unzip it automatically at the recipients' end. Only in this case, the user is still getting the attachments in the zipped format.

I have checked add-ins and the compression add-in is enabled. Where else should I be looking ?


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Something must be stopping it......
Perhaps a setting in the appliation
Have you tried contacting their support?

Assuming that for something like that to work, both the sender and the recipient would need the 3rd party app installed.....
If its not working on the recipients end, im guessing thats where the problem lies.
And its likely that the 3rd party app or add-in has been disabled, not functioning correctly, not installed, or the recipients Outlook has been opened in Safe Mode.
Antivirus and security applications could also be stopping this .Zip file from automatically opening....
rax2473Author Commented:
Hi Apache09,

have searched through all the points that U had mentioned and the add-ins and client software is working perfectly. Outlook is working in normal mode and nothing is disabled. I have deleted and installed the addins again. I also have disbaled antivirus temporarily and tried - but still the same issue repeats
rax2473Author Commented:
I am sure there is something that is still topping this mail from being com0pressed. But I was impressed by his reponse and the infomration that he passed.

Thank you so much
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