ssrs page number error in report

In my page footer I have this common expression: ="Page " + Globals!OverallPageNumber.ToString + " of " + Globals!OverallTotalPages.ToString

When I preview the report in VS, the page numbers are displayed correctly.  I then build & deploy the report to my reportserver.  When I go to the reportserver and run the report, the page number expression displays #Error.  Grrrrr....ppplease help.
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Nico BontenbalConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can also change the expression to:
="Page " & Globals!PageNumber & " of " & Globals!TotalPages.ToString
If that solves your problem the server probably has 2008, because OverallPageNumber and OverallTotalPages are new to 2008 R2.
Nico BontenbalCommented:
Are you building the report in a 2008 R2 environment and deploying it to a 2008 environment maybe?
MariaHaltAuthor Commented: can I tell???
MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
Yep, that works.  Thank you.
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