REGISTRY PROCEDURE for windows 7 profile migration from local account to domain account

I'm in the process of migrating our local account users to our new domain. We need the users to be able to retain the configuration of their local account. I've tried the registry edit below which allows you to point the profile path of the account to another. Can someone provide me the exact solution because, it would automatically log the users off when testing after I've done the registry edit.

\hkey_local_machine\software\micrsoft\windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\

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linrafConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that reghack does not work on windows 7 and can cause problems. has a user migration tool that will do this.  
The corporate version I think is about $2 a user license.
filfamAuthor Commented:
That's the problem - even if your domain account has the same name as local one, the SID is different. thus HKCU file (NTUSER.DAT) won't work. The only thing you'll retain will be folder structure (even this may give you some headaches if you won't change owner, no only permissions). Trust me, I've tried it before...

Besides - I think profile locations is located here in W7:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
Not to confuse with ProfileList

I've never tried it but you may give it a go:
filfamAuthor Commented:
Thanks! This tool made my job so much easier!
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