How to restore the system from old hard drive to a new hard drive through image file?


I have a notebook with Windows XP OS. The space of the hard drive is 160 GB and is almost full. I want to replace it with a new hard drive with a bigger size, while I hope to have everything in the old hard drive without installing the system and other application programs and settings.

I have found some information on line, but most of them talk about restoring through image  from DVD or from network PCs. Because of the size of the data I have, I would like to use a portable USB external hard drive to keep the image file.

How can I do it?

Thank you very much and I will appreciate any help!


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TribusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I personally like Acronis True Image Home 2011.

It is a full backup and recovery solution for all versions of Windows.  It takes an image of your drive and compresses it and stores to another drive or across the network to mapped drives etc.

I use this program on a couple of my servers for clients and on my home machine as well.  In my opinion Acronis is the best backup solution these days.


PMGreenstedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Norton Ghost is good, but you could try the freeware EASEUS Todo Backup Home 2.5 -
kadafitcdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best way to do it with a laptop is to use a boot CD.  Go get UBCD and follow the steps in the link on how to burn it properly to a CD.  You may need to backup your external hard drive and then format it for this to complete properly.

Then connect your external hard drive and reboot the laptop.  Boot to the UBCD and use the EaseUS Disk Copy to copy to your external hard drive.  I can't remember if it will let you do an image or if it will just copy one drive to another.  So do the clone to the external drive (this is why I had you back it up first).  When it completes you can then shut down and remove your old HDD and install the new one.  Next follow the same steps except clone your external HDD to your new HDD.  This should complete clone.

Good Luck HTH.
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Ghost used to be good in my opinion till Symantec got their hands on

I kid though, Ghost is okay, I used to use it a lot but no so much anymore now that I have found Acronis.

And, sure their are free solutions out there, but try to get support when you need it...

I have called Acronis on several occasions and they have always been amazing to me, of course I have bought a lot of stuff from them from Server solutions to

There really is only one choice for me.
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on which Harddrive you bought as a replacement, they have tools that you can use to do exactly what you are looking for: i.e. Western Digital provides an Acronis tool to get/migrate the data from the old to the new.
I think seagate has a similar functional tool.
todo backup can copy the existing partition onto a new drive.
You can then try using diskpart to resize the partition.

hanjgrAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone! I will give it a try as soon as I get the new hard drive.
There is a free trial of Acronis as well...
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