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I had an Access database but just converted the backend tables to SQL Server.  A number of my primary keys were autonumber in the old system but now they are integer.  How do I deal with auto-incrementing object IDs now?
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open sql enterprise management studio

select the table you want to modify

right click the table and choose modify or design

locate your field and click it so the arrow is pointing at it.

now below in your column properties you will see Identity Specification open that tree
select (Is Identity) to be Yes

save table

gcgcitAuthor Commented:
I found info that I need to set my indentity increment and identity seed to 1 but they are already set to that.  In the application when I'm trying to create a new record the task bar says "Cannot add record(s); primary key for table 'tblPeople" not in recordset"
gcgcitAuthor Commented:
tblPeople that I'm trying to edit is a subform, are maybe my relationships messed up?
Thats possible.

Also you can right click and set to primary key
If you still can yet, I recommend you use the (free) SQL Server Migration Assistant for MS Access

It ain't perfect (yet) but it beats the daylights out of manual conversion or the upszing wizard.
It'll analyze your db, move the tables, add the timestamp fields and create the link tables.

Fairly well-dcoumented, and google-able
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