Anyone use Numara Trackit Inventory?

For any who have the trackit software package and use the inventory system, if you could give me some insight it would be massively appreciated.  We have the latest version of trackit, version 10, and I am not really getting a lot of good information from their support folks.  Basically our inventory contains spotty information.  Out of 650 computers, only about 250 contain completed information, the rest of them are more or less empty.  The audit client is present on these, but for some reason or another, the audit is not running properly or completing.  I've got a ticket opened with them and have tried a SQL procedure to remove duplicate GUIDs but it has not worked...their KB articles are not very instructive on the matter, so I was wondering if anyone else encountered anything similar or had any tips.

Computers are about 1/3 Windows 7 64-bit and 2/3 windows xp.
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JAT-DBAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We have track-it also but turned off the feature as we have over 5000 workstations.
Welcome to the world of 3rd party support.  I generally find the answer before the support group does.
Remember if the workstations are off you will get no information or partial if the discovery is in progress while they are shutting down the workstation.
If you run it during business hours be prepared to get a tap on your shoulder from the network group.
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