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What is best surveillance system for a small business (Dental Office)? The office is in vandalism prone area. The system will also be used for improving customer service and work flow.

Here are some desired specs:
1. High resolution, wide angle cameras with zoom/tilt/sound for outside
2. High resolution 360 deg cameras for inside
3. Automatic offsite backups
4. Better event search features
5. Better remote monitoring features

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would recommend the systems offered by, having installed two myself.  PTZ cameras are very expensive; a high megapixel IP camera like the Arecont Vision 8180 ( or AV5105 ( with a wide angle lens may be better.  The GeoVision cards have an app called RemoteView which will let you see what all the cameras see from anywhere on the internet, and it has event searching.
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