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Windows Server 2008 RODC - Issue with Prepopulating Passwords


We have recently set up our first Windows Server 2008 RODC.  When I tried to prepopulate a few accounts' passwords to the RODC from a RWDC, I received the following error on each of the items:

"The RPC server is unavailable."

So I checked both servers' services, the RPC server service was running on both.  I went to Sites and Services and tried to replicate, came back after a little bit to try and prepopulate those again, and now I get this error on each item:

"The specified value already exists."

Sounds promising, but when I check the Policy Usage tab for 'Accounts whose passwords are stored on this RODC', all I see is the default krb... user account and the RODC computer account.  Likewise, when i check the Password Replication tab on one of the accounts whose password I was trying to populate, it does not show my RODC listed there.  I have tried a couple of times since then and still receive the 'specified value already exists' message.  Those accounts are all set to "Allow" under the Password Replication tab on the RODC.

Can anybody help me out?  Many thanks in advance.
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My personal view of RODCs is to wipe them from the face of the earth and forget it.  At one IT event that I was at the speaker referred to the RODCs as,"....turned out to be not such a great idea...."

But anyway,...the only thing I can think of it that the RODC is not using the RWDC and the DNS in it's TCP/IP Specs,...it may even be better if it uses nothing but the RWDC as the DNS with nothing else listed there.

Beyond that I have no idea.
Sorry for the typos,...this site doesn't give us the means to correct our typos after submitted.
hachempAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice.  I ended up wiping that box and reinstalling the RODC.  I wanted to deploy the RODC in the DMZ for directory services, but maybe I'll reconsider based on all this trouble.  Awarding you the points since you were the only one who bothered to respond :)
Thank you sir!

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