How to change the genre of a movie for mp4 and other recorded video

I have a few movies ripped from DVD and a few of my own recordings saved on my hard drive and I want to change the genre on the movies so they show up in different groups in windows media center.
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You might find that "Audio Shell Tag Editor" works for you.  It is intended primarily for applying ID3 Tags to MP3 files and other Audio file types that support the same tags, but seems to work for MP4 video files on my Windows XP system.

Note that it does say that it is only compatible with Windows 2000 and XP 32-bit versions.  If you have a more recent version of Windows, or a 64-bit version of XP, then it may or may not work, and you would be using it at your own risk.

It adds two new tabs to the Right-Click > Properties dialog for recognised file types, namely "Audio Shell Information" and "Audio Shell Tag Editor".  I was able to use the "Genre" drop-down list in the "Audio Shell Tag Editor" tab, set it to one of the preset and satndard Genres, and click the Apply button to write the tag to a test *.MP4 file.  On playing it in VideoLAN's VLC Player and using Tools > Media Information, I verified that the Genre field was populated.

Perhaps this is the easiest way for just a handful of supported Video files, but whether it is fully compliant is something I can't say for certain.  
rd_perkinsAuthor Commented:
MetaBrowser 2.0 did the trick! Not free, but worth $30.
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