Documentation for IT Survey

We want to make an IT Survey and notice all network devices with there confiuration settings.

I'm lookiing for a good form (can be a draft) what we can use to write down all settings and
information about these devices.

I have no idea how to setup such kind of document, maybe somebody could help me.

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jeffiepooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think a good "form" would have all of the devices listed in the rows, and all of the different things you want to record in the columns. You could have a typical "list it all" sort of spreadsheet....

................... (Record Type 1)...(Record Type 2)...(Record Type n)
(device 1)
(device 2)
(device 3)
(device k)

Hope that helps
Usually you want specific data in a survey so you can draw specific conclusions from the data. There are literally TONS of things you could possibly record. Could you provide information about what the survey is for and what conclusions you are trying to draw from the survey? This might help anyone narrow down suggestions for a template.

insi01Author Commented:
Well, it is not so easy to explain.

For example when we have a Network Device (e.g.Cisco 2811) then we
need to have all technical information about IOS Version, which Layer
Support, how many ports and how there are configured (IP,port trunking).
Is PoE supported, how many and which slots are available. Which security is supported.

Maybe there is an Excel Sheet where I just can fill out this with the
information we get.

I now it is not easy for you to help me, just because I'm not the
real network specialist.

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BrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless you are going to do something specific with the data, why not just collect the detailed product spec sheets and file them away? Even then, start with importing your data from the detailed product spec sheets in to excel to make life easy.

There is too much data to be usable in my opinion. What is the overall goal? We could then narrow down what data you need to reach your conclusions/decisions/answers.
insi01Author Commented:

well it is a good idea but I think every device has so many functions and enabled settings that
it might confusing if you use many columns.

Is there no ready designed form to bring all information on one page? I don't know how or in which way Network Service Provider collect all configuration settings in one form?

Sorry, I don't know how to help you any further. I've been putting together a list of all the machines in our environment and it has a lot of columns. To make it simpler in the future, I was thinking about writing a program to keep track of all these things that could output the stuff to a file, but in the file it would still just be a huge list of machines with TONS of specifications. Basically  I decided on designing my own smart form with my programming skills. Sometimes the hard way is the only way unfortunately.

Once again, I hope that helps.

insi01Author Commented:
There was no answer which was 100% helpfull
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