remote PC in Windows VIsta SP2, TSE 2008 server

When  connecting to a remote TSE server MSTSC Crash after 10 to 20 seconds; it does not depend of the application I am running on the TSE server (Excel, Adobe...) it always crash (and the RDP Session is closed (withan error message telling me that MSTSC has crash and reporting the version of MSTSC.EXE 6.1.7600.16385

Other PC with same remote MSTSC connexion to the same TSE server work OK and DONT crash!!

I do not know if the problem if from the TSE server or from the MSTSC client since when from the same PC I connect to another TSE server MSTSC does NOT crash and I stay connected to the TSE normaly !!!

Very strand problem

Thank you for your help

Any idea?.
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Try re-installing the software you are using to remote to the servers. Since it works on a different box it probably isn't a problem with the server you are remoting into, rather with your remote software. A re-install is the first thing I'd recommend.

Hope this helps,

gadsadAuthor Commented:
the problem was with printer redirection
I desactivated printer redirection and it works
thanks anyway
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