Standalone Anti-Virus Software for Server

I am looking for an anti-virus software that will run on Servers (Windows 2000, Windows 2003, SBS 2003, Windows 2008) as a stand-alone.  Updates handled on each system via Internet.  No central server putting out updates that to manage.  Individual installs are fine.  These are servers that are in a variety of locations and domains.

Any recommendations?   Just about everything I've seen so far is too bloated, and requires a central server as manager.

many many thanks,
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Many antivirus has a central admin console to easy the admin for your network or domain, but too almost all antivirus has a software version to install in your server as a stand alone antivirus. I like kaspersky look at the link

Another great antivirus that I use in work is MS Forefront, there are versions for x32, x64, email, etc. It's made to use a central console, but you can install it with parameter /nomom to disable mom repository and It works as a stand alone antivirus and update from the internet.
Security essentials?
KitPerryAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  But I don't think MS Security Essentials runs on Server OS's.  
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I am running now on Server 2008 r2.

This is a decent outfit.

I have used them on Windows Desktops and Servers.

Good Luck!
Jerry MillsCommented:
KitPerryAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the feedback;  it is greatly appreciated!
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