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TV tuner card

hello there,
I have a TV Tuner (ATI TV Wonder Pro) and I finally found a working driver for Windows 7 64bit..
I would like to know which software would it work to playback the video from the TV cable..
1 Solution
Paul SauvéCommented:
Have you tried using Windows Media Center, which, I believe, is included with Win7.
If you are using a Coaxial cable then most likely you have a coaxial cable input on the back of your graphics card.  Look for a coaxial(cable) output from graphics card.

Try seeing if you have any S-Video cables laying around typically there is an S-Video output on newer PCS and Laptops and you can hook the SVIDEO out to the SVIDEO in on your tv.
After looking at 3 different models of the ATI TV Wonder Pro none of them look to have a Cable output (nor an SVideo output) im sorry to say there isnt anything we can do for you unless you have a built in graphics card on your system that supports video out via SVIDEO(typically) you will not be able to stream video or music from your computer to your TV.

Some options may be a little expensive (such as a pricier video card) You could always look into a system like this for under 40$ in addition to display PC onto TV.  

NOTE WILL NEED A SPLITTER FOR THE VGA if you want to have the PC IMG to go to the PC as well as the TV.
Enhanced Intelligibility Without Cable Clutter

Challenge: The ESA office in Brussels wanted a reliable audio conference system for video conferences. Their requirement - No participant must be left out from the conference and the audio quality must not be compromised.

Paul SauvéCommented:
Correct, I use a splitter from my decoder - the caveat is that the tv and computer are on the same channel. Also, you must set the software on the same channel as the tv (usually ch. 2 or 3).
If you have the correct driver for this card, all you have to do is configure it in Windows Media Center (as suggested earlier).     It will tune the channels;  give you the ability to pause/rewind what you're watching; and record programs to watch later.

You DO, of course, have to connect your cable input to the card (via a coax cable).

Note:   If you have encrypted channels that can only be watched through a cable box, you'll have to connect the output of the cable box to the card to watch those channels, and tune the card to the appropriate channel (usually channel 3).    But any unencrypted channels can be tuned directly.    [To see what channels you'll be able to get, just connect your cable directly to a TV (bypassing any cable box) and see what channels you can receive -- your tuner card can receive the same ones.
Of course, if your cable signal is digital, it is unlikely that the older TV Tuner cards don't have QAM and you won't be able to tune those channels.

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