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Bring window to front in Tk GUI in Windows

I have some code that uses Tk. It launches a word document then closes it. Problem is when it closes the word document the tk window falls back to where other apps are on top of it. I need the tk window to be the top most window after the word document closes. I tried focus, grab, etc... and I haven't found any way in windows to bring the tk window in front of all other windows so its in the users face. Thanks! Any advice or simple code I can add to do this?

use Tk;
$mw = MainWindow->new();

#Open document....
#Does some stuff....
#Close Document....
#Now I want the $mw to jump out in front of the users face on top of all other windows whether they are Tk perl related or lets say firefox, internet explorer, excel, etc....

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1 Solution
Carl BohmanCommented:
I've never used it before, but there appears to be a module for that:

Even if you don't use the module, you might be able to look at the source code and find a way that works for you.

The basic approach I would try is to turn on the "stay on top" feature for your window (which should force your window to the top), then immediately turn that off (unless you have a good reason to keep it on).

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