What does making an Office object (contact, appointment, task, email) "Private" really mean?

When creating a new Outlook object (contact, appointment, task, note, email), there is an option to make it "Private."  

We have a user who wants to know what that really means - how "private" is the object once this tag is applied?  Who can see it?  If a calendar entry, will it still appear on this person's calendar, or does it not show at all?  Same with a contact - can other see that "John Smith" is a contact, but no details are shown?

The user has several hundred "personal" contacts in their stand-alone Outlook file.  We'd like to join him to our domain, and then have a consolidated view of his appointments, etc., but he is worried that "others" will then be able to see all his personal and private calendar entries and appointments.

Thanks for the help!
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Other people will not be able to see private appointments.  It shows up on the calendar as "private apointment" with no other details if anyone else other than the owner tries to see it.  I'm not sure about private contacts.
mbooherAuthor Commented:
Thanks uescomp - that is helpful regarding the "private appointment" and the fact that it DOES show up on the calendar.  That way we'll be able to see that the person is "booked" at least.

Am curious about the other items - Contacts, Tasks, Notes and email
All other items can only be seen by those people with administrative rights, this is also dependant on what versions of Outlook and Exchange are being run. Hope this helps.
Glen KnightCommented:
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