Google Maps API can't remove website address from ballons

I'm trying to create a Google Maps mashup that will take information from an XML file and place it on a map. Basically, it will be showing general locations of our customers along with a comment from them reviewing our service.

I've been able to get everything setup and working except when you click on any of the markers that have a comment every popup balloon has our website address. I DO NOT want this web address listed in each balloon.  Anyone have an ideas on how I can remove this?  I've attached both the XML file and the HTML file.  The XML has the data for the map markers and the HTML is just to display the map.  Right now there is only a few test markers. You can view it online here:

 file20.xml map20.html
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Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use custom markers with the Google Static Map service.  The custom markers can be anything you want.  I have an article here at EE that shows how to do this, with examples.
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