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During a sbs 2003 boot-up, there was a power failure and power surge. Long story, but server partition with exchange was damaged. After attempt to do a restore of system state, the server went into a reboot cycle-I could not boot to normal or safe mode. Decide to wipe and did a clean install of os. Server is back and running-I added all user and machine accounts back in manually(using same names). all users can log on to their pcs and function. All users have outlook in offline mode. Their "files" are in the state when server went down. I do have a back up of the exchange (backup exec 11d). Should I attempt restore of that bu or is there a way to associate the cached outlook file with the "new" server?
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To restore the users information from the ost files.

You can log on in the computer for the user account, backup the outlook folder usually %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

Then get sure that the computer is disconected from the network.

Open Outlook in disconnected mode. File - Import or Export - PST and follow the wizard to export your information in OST to PST file. Create the new mailbox if necessary. Then create a new profile for email in the user's computer in control panel - email. Set this new profile as default. Import the pst backup into the exchange server.
As a stand alone server you will likely be able to repair and mount the Database you will just have to re-create each Exchange user and reassociate them to the mailbox from the database.
ecmaternAuthor Commented:
This worked great....thanks!
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