Master Database Log Backup Question

Hi Everyone,

I have a master database for which I was checking the:   log_resuse_wait_desc  column. in the sys.databases table.

The Master database always has the entry LOG_BACKUP for the column. (I am using SQL Server 2008)

I didn't notice this at all on SQL Server 2005. In fact, I still have a couple of databases that are 2005.

My question is:  Is this normal?  

My Recovery Model is Full and I can only take full Backups for the master database (No differential or Transaction Log backups are allowed). Usually, for any other database the way to remedy the situation is to do a Transaction Log backup, but that is not allowed.

Thanks Again,
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David ToddSenior DBACommented:

I just checked and Master installed as simple. Are you sure that it is full? Have you restarted SQL since setting Master to full?

Please see article below for information. It may help.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
May I suggest that you set the master database back to Simple Recovery Model.
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