Backup Exec 12.5 Stop a restore upon server restart

I set a restore on a file in Backup Exec 12.5. Because the file was open at the time, BE said the file would get restored when the server was restarted.

The file is on a remote server, a VM (HyperV).

The restore said Successful then said it would be effective when the remote server was restarted.

Then it turned out that I do not want this file to be restored. Do I have any recourse here (aside from never restarting the server which is not an option)? Is there any way to stop this file from overwriting the existing one (yes I chose that option)?

My backup server is Windows 2003 Server. The VM server is Server 2008 R2 with a BE remote agent installed.
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SECC_ITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I ended up backing up the file before restarting then restoring it afterward. I seem to stump the geeks a lot in this forum, but it IS the best forum out there!
Please forgive the simple question but did the restore job already complete?

If you're on support you can get free help from Symantec.

One workaround might be to save the file manually and put it back if and when the server reboots.
Another might be to take another Symantec backup of the file and immediately, or later restore it.  If it is queing up restored files because they're open and second restore job might "undo" the first one.
SECC_ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions - I had already considered all of that. I am wondering if there is a way to stop it from restoring the file when it reboots. To answer your question - as I said in my original post, "
The restore said Successful then said it would be effective when the remote server was restarted." - so yes it already completed.

I am new at this particular position, so I will investigate to see if we have Symantec support.
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I would consider the following courses of action then:
 1- Call Symantec Support.  They're fairly good although you might have to wait for a call back if they're busy.
 2- Try a second restore of the file you want to queue it up after the first one.

Symantec Support has also logged in via WebEx or GoToMeeting to view my desktop in real time and even remote control my computer to make the necessary changes.

For more info on your environment call Symantec and ask them to send you and IBR (Installed Base Report).  They'll send you a report of every Backup Exec product you own and when support for it expires.

Good luck.

Symantec contact numbers
800-721-3934            Customer Care
888-727-8671            Get an IBR with ONLY current licenses.
800-745-6054            Sales opt 3      
Order Services             Website
800-342-0652            Technical Support
800-634-4747,1,1      Technical Support

Symantec websites:
My Support
SECC_ITAuthor Commented:
I do not have a support contract with Symantec. I have already thought of all of the suggestions given thus far. I was hoping somebody knew how to deal with a pending restart, but alas... What I will do is before I restart is back up that file and restore it over the bad one after the restart. I will leave this open a little longer to see if anybody has an answer.

Kind of makes me realize how LITTLE most of us know about the inside workings of the OS - where is that restored file kept while waiting for a restart?
SECC_ITAuthor Commented:
Never got a good response to the question.
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