Cat 6 Caballing

we are going  with the new office cat 6 . is it the same combination of 5e or bit differant ?
what are the key thing to consider when we go with the cat 6  caballing and patching thing ?
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cat6 is a bit heavier than Cat5e, especially when you run a lot in the same bunch, so you may need to consider adding more containment or increasing the size of ducting etc.
If you are running close to electrical mains cable or fluorescent lights you should try and keep the Cat6 cable at least 6 inches away.
BrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The main differences are in the he specifications of the cable and connectors. As long as the cable, connectors, punch downs, patch cords and switches are all labeled for CAT6 then the process of putting it together is the same. The color coding, distance limitations, etc are all the same between CAT5e and CAT6.
curAuthor Commented:
thank you . we need to have the  cat 6 lable hardware to go in . no chnages on the color,coding etc

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