How do I sent up a proxy server in a SBS2003 network

Hi there, I want to be able to set up a proxy server in a SBS 2003 network so I can monitor/produce reports and potentially block access to some sites (facebook etc).

I have XP Pro clients on a SBS 2003 Server.

Regards Jason
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peeaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess you mean SET UP or SENT UP.

A lot of free or commercial Proxy Server software available on the market. One of the most popular ones is FreeProxy. which is compatible with all 32-bit Windows versions.

FreeProxy 4.10 Build 1751
Your question is a bit vague, do you already have a proxy solution chosen and simply need to redirect your clients to use the proxy?  If this is your question, you can utilize Group Policies in Active Directory to direct your clients to utilize the proxy you setup-->Group Policty -> User Configuration -> Windows Settings ->Internet Explorer Maintenance -> Connection -> Proxy Settings-->specify your proxy server IP.

If you are referring to a product that will allow you to do this, you didn't mention whether you wanted a low cost or commercial type appliance.   I am unaware of any "free" proxy based filtration solutions that will provide you with good reporting for a business (there are several for home use).  My low cost solution would be Dan's Guardian.  For a commercial based appliance, I would look at NetSpective by telemate -->please note, this is NOT a proxy solution, it is setup typically in a transparent mode w/ a login script that gets added to your users login script for access levels).
Andrew OakeleyConsultantCommented:
Or you could use squid 

Can be run on windows or linx and if you have the time/inclination/skills you can do just about any report or blocking you could possibly think of.....

Also free...
MXDEWDAuthor Commented:
HI there, sorry about the delay in getting back and thnakks for taking the tiome to answer.

Peea, I have downloaded and had a play with FreeProxy 4.10 Build 1751. What a cool little app.

Lance... you should have a look at it. It completley meets my requirements - and it's free.


aoakeley, I had a look at the squid and I cant see how it would help m at all.

Again, thanks
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