on my citrix app on the iphone if I am in an application and then log out the app does not open any more

Ok here is the scenerio.
1) a user grabs his Iphone.
2) I unfer the great tutelage of carl webster have added the citrix reciever on thr users Iphone.
3) the user then opens the reciever and logs in.
4) the user happily opens his or her app.
5) I thank god that I had a good instructer like Carlwebster
6) the user then closes the whole citrix APP.
7) then the user goes back to the app and it does not open.
8) I s&%# my pants because I do not know what to do.
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Felix LevenSenior System and DatabaseadministratorCommented:
On the Citrix Forums they report there are problem with the sessions management xenapp6/ipad, but it's not the same problem.


Here are details about "RadeLauncher.exe Dtays open for 5 min.":
Felix LevenSenior System and DatabaseadministratorCommented:
1) get new pants haha

Just to start somewhere:
If the app is not closed and the client only disconnects from the session and in the next step opens not the disconnected session but a new one, then the xenapp server
can deny a second instance of the same app (check setting for this app on your xenapp server).

What option do you have in the iphone app to close an app/ disconnect sessions ?
explorer648Author Commented:
how do I check the session options on the citrix server.
and what options am I going to look on in the Iphone settings.
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Felix LevenSenior System and DatabaseadministratorCommented:
iPhone I don't Know. I tried the Demo Cloud on my iPhone and it worked Great. Not much to configure here. On the citrix Server rightclick the Published app and in One of the Options you can Set the  Limit to One instance only.

There is a Lot needed to get Things Running on the iPhone, Start With the citrix Receiver Admin Guide:
explorer648Author Commented:
No that guide did not help any. So what I need is for the server to be aware when I close out my session on the iphone and close the applications that I had open. If I can not do that then I need to be able to open the same applicatin multiple times..
explorer648Author Commented:
Well I am happy to report that I got new pants.
Mr. Graves you did get it right. I had to do a regedit and add the symantec process to an autokill.
thanks for the fix.
explorer648Author Commented:
I added smcgui.exe to the following reg key per the article above.

Value Name:LogoffCheckSysModules

here is the solution
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