Sql Server 2005 replication

Quick question about replication.

This was set up by a consulting company and I have been maintaining it for a customer.  

THere are 2 servers - the sql server, and the app server.  The sql server has a replication publication, and the app server has a replication subscription.  What I need to know is, if a value changes on the app server, will it get over-written by the value on the sql server?  When I went into the publication properties, it says "peer to peer" is turned off. This leads me to believe that a change on a value on the appserver will NOT update the sql server.  The question I need to know though, will that change persist on the appserver?  Also, if it does persist, when that same record gets changed again on the sql server, does it THEN overwrite the value on the appserver?  I did some googling of replication merge - but dont know where all the settings for that are.

The obvious next question, if a change is made on the appserver, and I want to synch back to the sql server and discard the changes, how do I do that?  What if I want to synch all the changes back to the sql server?  

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Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
If I read all this I get the feeling of many misunderstandings, maybe also on my side.

An application server is not a database, it is the middle tier of a three-tier application and so the question arises, why you would have two sql servers anyway.

Taking a database on the app server as granted, I would suggest this to be the master database and a additional backend for replication would be your instant failover backup you can switch to, i the database server close to or at the application server fails.

That said I know too less about replication setup to answer your direct questions. The idea of replication is to keep two databases in total sync, identical. If your additional database server is the master database the application server should write changes there, otherwise you'd always stay with the initial database state, wouldn't you? That would make no sense.

Bye, Olaf.
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:

Whatever change occur on publication server, published and the server which accepts changes is subscriber.
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