Tab Bar application with embedded navigation controller using RSS feed

I am writing and iphone app with using a tab bar configuration. One of the tabs uses a navigation controller. This controller gets data from an RSS feed. I have found several good examples online for the RSS reader but they all start with a navigation based application which creates  a RootViewController class including an xib file. I am creating the navigation controller in Interface Builder by dragging the navigation controler object to the tab bar controller. Any suggestions on modifying the  RootViewController code in creating a controller for the navigation tab/
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So, you are looking to have a tab bar application with a UINavigationController and UITableView on a select tab?

Suppose you have a tab, I would look at this discussion for information on how to implement a Navigation Controller: For additional help, you can use the search terms: "iPhone SDK UINavigationController UITabBar"

Once you have a NavigationController setup, you will be able to add a UIView and then add a UITableView controller to this view.  To allow the table to retrieve data from your ViewController, you will have to add the Delegate and DataSource in your .h file:

<UITableView Delegate, UITableViewDataSource>

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To switch views when a feed is selected, you can use the didSelectRowAtIndexPath method and the present either a modal view or push a new view using your Navigation Controller.

Remember to create a connection for your Navigation Controller; so you can send messages to it.
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