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Wired Voip and Wireless Data Performance

I have question about the performance of running a wired VoIP phones and wireless data lan concurrently using the same WAN connection.

I have a wireless LAN that connects to a SonicWall TZ200 firewall for routing and UTM. The firewall connects to 10/2 mb cable modem for internet access. I have 5 client PC's and 3 printers connected to the wireless network. Response time is very good up and down.

We are installing VoIP Phones. The plan is to connect these via ethernet cable to a PoE Switch, Then connect the SonicWall Lan X0 cable to the switch.Any suggestions you have regarding how best to do this and what kind of perfromance I might expect will be appreciated  

Also, I need to purchase a PoE switch any suggestions as to type or model. The phones are Voip Astra and will transmit/receive calls via the internet to home office PBX/IP in the same city.  
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Try using pingtest.net to test your WAN connection. You want a grade of A, most with grade B will work as well, but not ideal in my opinion. Run the test several times to get an average. Also, try during a heavy traffic period in the day for your network.
I have 25 voip phones connected to a T1 line (1.5mbps) with 7-8 people constantly on the phone without any problems.  If your cable modem consistently maintain the 10/2 mb speed, then it would not be a problem.  In addition, it all depend on your user's usage.  Will they be listening to music, videos, p2p, backups, etc? If they do, then that might be an issue.   If they are using the basic website browsing, I would not see a problem.

Good Luck on testing out your setup.
5 users will use about 400kbps of bandwidth inbound and outbound simultaneously which will be find given the speed of your internet connection. Most of the time it should work fine but you will need to be carefull to avoid the computers using lots of bandwidth. So for example dont run windows updates on all the computers at the same time and dont permit users to stream tv across the internet for example.

When looking for a POE switch be carefull which one you get. A large number of POE switches dont provide POE to all of their ports. The NETGEAR ProSafe FS116P is a 16 port switch with 8 of those being POE so that should be sufficient.
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xpressaccountsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.
Anyone have experience with running the VoIP phones thru a Sonicwall Firewall that concurently services
a wireless network of PC's?
I havent used the somicwall firewall series but they do have the option 'sip transformations' which can help avoid the issues you can get when phones are behind a firewall.
Turning the feature on can help and worst case you can leave the feature turned off in which case it will behave like any other standard firewall. So it should work perfectly well.
Given the specs on the SonicWall TZ200 you should be fine for that size office running both phones and PCs. You will max out your internet line before the SonicWall in this case.

Without more details I can't give you a specific recommendation on a PoE switch. As long as you pick the major brands you should be good, Cisco, NetGear, etc...
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