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ms sql + join to stored procedure

Is there anyway to join a table to a stored procedure?

something like

select t1.column1, t2.column2
from table1 t1
join storedprocedure t2 on t2.column1 = t1.column1
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Nope.  AFAIK the best you can do is insert the procedure's results into a temp table/table variable. Then use that in your join.  Either that or convert the proc to something that can be used in a join, like a view or table valued udf.
dkilbyAuthor Commented:
how would i put the results of the stored procedure into a temp table?
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
you need to create a temp table exactly the same structure the sp returns, for example if the sp return 2 columns then you need to create a table with 2 columns.
in order to insert the data just run youe sp like this

insert into #tempTable
EXEC spName
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create a temp table that mirrors the columns returned by the proc

    create table #resultsOfMyStoredProc
    column1 int,
    column2 int

.. then execute the proc with insert into

      insert into #resultsOfMyStoredProc
      exec mystoredprocedure
Oops. Sat on the page too long.  "What aneeshattingal said" ;-)
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
if you CAN modify the procedure to be a function, you could save the step to create the temp table.
not possibly with all procedures, but normally worth the change.
if you need to "also" keep the procedure, you could still make the procedure use the function to avoid the "code duplication" ...

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