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Recently my computer was infected with a virus which I can't seem to figure out how to remove manually. I have windows xp installed and the virus window keeps appearing after a few minutes and does not let me go online.

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rpggamergirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a tutorial on how to remove XP Antivirus 2011(just one of the name-changer trojans)
Same tools to what tastas mentioned(using RKill and MalwareBytes) but you need to also download FixNCR.reg to fix the registry IF executables are not able to run.

can post the hijackthis log?
You can slave the hard drive of your pc to another that is not infected and run a scan with the master pc's scanning tools.  You may also want to run spybot after that or make it the first scan, but in Safe Mode.  Spybot, although many people feel that it takes a long time to scan, actually does a very thourough job, like metamucil.  Then after that, you want to run Malwarebytes, then finally your virus scan just to be safe.  That works for me all the time if I don't feel like fiddling around with "just trying to get the pc online while XP ANtivirus is still blocking you."
Your recommendation will not work.

This variant of malware requires that the actual Windows OS be running during the repair.

"Slaving" hard drives was a somewhat effective means of fighting malware in years past, but will not get the job done with the current variants.

You might want to read the link posted up in the comment at http:#a35704861 to get an idea of how to resolve this.
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