Need Suggestion best Network Monitoring tool(all-in one which helps to track point to point)


I am looking for top and best Network Monitoring tool which covers all the infrastructure along with the LAN and Employee monitoring facility which should provide all the traces.

I have gone through GFI and Manage Engine op manager which are good enough, but I need to purchase different licences which would cost me more and also tried opensource tools after using opensource tools I am not much satisfied and user friendly.

 If any one suggest me any awesome tool for monitoring infrastructure apart from above tools will be much appreciated.

Thanks  all!

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So is this monitoring and administration for mostly server environments or workstation / desktop/ laptops and the LAN?

If your need is for administration and/or remote control of the LAN devices, have you checked out LogMeIn, TeamViewer or UltraVNC? (sites  below)

For monitoring, devices see:  - (as suggested by dr_shivan)

have a look at this nifty tool
xpert_aliAuthor Commented:
Get Cisco Certified in IT Security

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xpert_aliAuthor Commented:

Thank you!

I had tried that tool its good for infrastructure monitoring but not much helpful for Emp monitoring etc.

Thx again! :)
I would recommend Full Control Internet by Bardon Data Systems. They also develop a product called WinU that can be easily setup for a Internet-cafe/kiosk kind-of setup.

Check out for the Full Control software.
xpert_aliAuthor Commented:

Looks like it only works with the Windows PCs not with all operating system.Tool should support almost all OS with features which  I have explained already. Thanks Sam for comments. :)

Question for all:

And also can some tell how to know the exact bandwidth utilized by each user in a LAN or office network. Thanks!
My vote goes for Nagios, Awarded Platform ..winner of numerous awards and highly recognized, Nagios is the leader in Open Source IT infrastructure monitoring....look @
use nagios(OpenSource) on linux, i done it for multiple sites .... it works great to watch out multiple OS and services, it just works

Nagios is the leader in Open Source IT infrastructure monitoring....but you can find other multiple monitoring tools: GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Hyperic HQ Icinga  mrtg Nagios N-central op5 Monitor openITCockpit OpenNMS HP OpenView BMC PATROL ProactiveNet Performance Management Shinken IBM Tivoli CA Unicenter WhatsUp Gold Zabbix Zenoss Enterprise

My recommendation for a useful solution for syslog  and data correlation solutions:
Q1 Labs (offers free VM version):
Manage Engine with OpManager:

Also OpenNMS does a good job with making both SNMP Traps and syslog messages. Zenoss has syslog and snmp traps, but If you are looking for something more standalone, Splunk (i use it) is good as mentioned above by erniebeek look @ and
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