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We run presentation server 4.5 (xenapp5) on windows 2003.

I have some questions about connecting to our published desktop from thin clients.
The thin clients are running windows embedded standard 2009 with the Citrix online plugin version 12 installed.

Now the first question is how can i start the published desktop in full screen without changing the published application (not everyone must go full screen) ? I already added DesiredWinType=7 to the appsrv.ini in the users profile but with no reveal.

Second question:  In the good old days users did't have to logon to any client before connecting to the Citrix server (winCE). When users powerd on their TC in just automatically connected to citrix where users could authenticate. Can this be accomplished with the citrix online plugin? i tryed to create an ica file with the right settings (desiredwintype=7) and run it with wfica32. Unfortunately when doing so i get errors like "the instruction at 0x0088cef6"referenced memory at blablabla..

I just want windows embedded 2009 to startup, logon (functional) and directly connect to citrix in full screen (configured at client side) so user can authenticate an do their job.

Thanx in advance!

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NetflexConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

1. Full desktop will work with the latest online plugin (12). If you run WI 5.2 or higher you should change




This will enable the citrix xenapp desktop viewer.

2. To enable this i just installed the previous citrix client (11).

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