Sugar CRM get data from other SQL DB


we are currently running SugarCRM community edition on MySQL server.
We have a separate program which is using MSSQL server to create our invoices.
The problem is that we want to integrate these 2 programs with each other, so a contact in sugarcrm should have invoices in the activities.
We can analyze the SQL queries the invoice program generates.
Does someone know how to start this?
Are there any plugins to make it easier to integrate foreign data to sugarcrm?
Thanks in advance!
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You have two options really,

1) develop a syncronisation tool to copy the data from the MSSQL database into the sugarCRM database through the sugarCRM api. This is likely to be a bit tricky, as you'll need some way of identifying the users from the invoicing system within SugarCRM.

2) develop a plugin to sugarCRM to show the invoices from the invoicing application. This will also need a way of identifying the invoicing account related to the SugarCRM account.

Both of these should be possible, but aren't likely to be simple plug and play, unless of course someone has already developed a sugarcrm plugin for the invoicing application you are using. Take a look on as it is possible.

pentheseAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answers, i've found a solution called Apatar which is able to connect all data sources to sugarcrm, great opensource solution for these kind of connections.
pentheseAuthor Commented:
Not the final problem solved.
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