Connecting an ADSL modem to a router

I have a Draytek router here which handles all the DHCP and ADSL connections. Our broadband speed has significantly dropped recently and I'd like to rule out the router' ADSL connection. Obviously, the best way would be to replace the router completely. However, I don't really want to buy a new one and have to configure it what with all the down time involved.

Could I get an ADSL modem and connect it to the router and disable the router ADSL connection?
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Sorry for the late response, you can indeed plug the external modem into the wan port. If you set the ADSL modem in bridge mode, your router will assume the external IP address so you don't have to setup nat on your ADSL modem.
That depends on your router and ADSL modem, does your router also have a wan port or just a DSL port?
nickedwardsAuthor Commented:
It also has a WAN port. I presume I just plug the external modem into there?
depending on the router it might automatically pick up the adsl modem :) of luck
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